5 Ways Music Can Boost Your Productivity and Work Performance

Why do you think many employees in companies plug earphones to their ears during work hours? Are they trying to create a sort of distraction from work? No, they are only attempting to increase work performance. Music regarded as one of the triumphs of human creativity can be used to boost productivity and performance in […]

Get On Headphonefashion’s Playlists

With over 70 million paid monthly subscribers and over 150 million subscribers total, the Swedish Tech streaming company Spotify has become one of the major platforms of music consumption into the world providers music streaming, showing no sign of stopping! We’ve decided to give impulse at our weekly playlists and in order to help and […]

Understanding Product Parameters Before Purchasing a Headphone

When it comes to headphones, there are lots of things buyers want to understand. Most often, they want to understand because they desire to make the right decision in terms of what will represent a good value for their investment. They want to be certain that the headphone will transmit the quality of sound they […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Get The Most Of Your Headphones

The problem is, everybody has a different definition of ‘most’. There are now a lot of users who wonder why their headphones do not last long regardless of the brand. Although sometimes it is really connected with production problems, the majority of cases reveal that they simply do not use their headphones in a proper […]

5 Facts You Must know Before Choose Best Headphones

During the recent years, the headphone technology has advanced considerably. Despite the fact that the variety of models makes it possible for every user to select the ones that suit him or her best, the enormous quantity of brands makes a lot of people confused. How can one make sure which headphones are high-quality and […]

Why listening music with headphones?

How many times do we have heard news about headphones, earphones and something like that? But how many times do we have asked for the reason why we listen to music with headphones? We know that the question could seem trivial, but let’s try to think all together what are the inferences about this topic. […]