Get On Headphonefashion’s Playlists

With over 70 million paid monthly subscribers and over 150 million subscribers total, the Swedish Tech streaming company Spotify has become one of the major platforms of music consumption into the world providers music streaming, showing no sign of stopping!

We’ve decided to give impulse at our weekly playlists and in order to help and boost visibility to emerging undiscovered artists, showing the best their music from Hip Hop to Electronic music and breaking to Latino as well as to R&B.

To get your music on our promoted playlists, firstly you need:

  • Join our Spotify Channel, follow this link Headphonefashion Spotify
  • Make sure to follow these playlists to monitoring your chances in getting added to them.
  • Finally, send us one of your favorite released and we’ll be sure to add it to the playlist.

Once you have done all steps the above, help our marketing team, to share these on your social media networks and encourage your friends to follow them, as well. More share means more chances get for our playlists to be played with your music as well, and it also to improve and scale your own ranking in order to be discovered from millions of Spotify users.